Physically securing your iMac kiosk

July 7, 2010 by · Comments Off
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Securing an iMacOnce your iMac kiosk is secured with eCrisper, the issue of physical security remains.

One solution is to use flexible cables, locks, and adhesives (seeĀ Tryten for some examples). This offers a simple and inexpensive solution.

I also found a clever solution called iAnchor. The iAnchor physically fixes an iMac computer to a tabletop or desk surface. It also secures the keyboard and mouse cables so that these devices stay with your Mac. UPDATE: iAnchor website is no longer available so I assume this product is no longer available. I leave the pictures here in case someone else needs ideas.


If your iMac does get stolen, there is some hope – there is a software solution called Undercover ( – Have a look at their guided tour – pretty neat stuff.

Note that I haven’t actually tried these solutions and there is probably more that can be found on the Internet.