These are some testimonials that have been sent in by users.

Your software is excellent and I continue to be impressed by how robust of a product it is.

Thank you!

eCrisper is the perfect kiosk software for us! The mac is the ideal platform for our educational kiosks and eCrisper works the best. eCrisper provides lots of flexibility for us to keep our kiosks running both local and internet based content. Most importantly, eCrisper support is some of the best support we’ve seen. Very responsive to questions and feature requests. We are constantly recommending eCrisper.

Thank you!

We have a kiosk at a college media art center, used to display student multimedia work. After trying several different approaches, we’ve found eCrisper to be the easiest to use and most robust solution. Other products required us to reformat or reprogram student projects in order for them to display properly. With eCrisper, we were able to configure the screen within a few minutes and then upload student content with no modifications, saving us a lot of time and hassle. We’re very pleased.

Thank you!

I just wanted to give you a bit of feedback and let you know how things are working out with eCrisper now that we have been using it for about 8 months.

We love it. The patrons love it. It works very well, is easily configurable and able to handle many types of tasks. It also looks nice. I was able to get everything working fine quickly and easily and when the one issue (with our equipment) came up, you were able to help me get it working within 20 minutes.

Thank you for a great product and great support.

Using eCrisper was a pleasure, chosen because of its features and flexibility but it surprised with ease of installation and usability resulting in an on time under budget solution that I will be highly recommending in future.

Installation instructions were perfect, and easy to follow, the installation worked flawlessly and the functions provided exceeded the requirements. Loved the product, instructions and result a job well done and no downside at all from the first use.

We have been using eCrisper for over two years deploying over 100 iMac kiosks across the country.

eCrisper is rock solid offering more features than anything else currently on the market.
Installation and setup is a breeze and the support team are always quick to respond with the right answers to get your kiosk locked down.

eCrisper was exactly what we needed for our touchscreen kiosks. It is reasonably priced and there’s lots of flexibility with features and security settings, which is necessary in our high school environment. We limit it to only certain domains, which prevents potentially embarrassing websites from displaying in a public area.

We love the customizable multi-panel layout and the fact that it uses the WebKit engine for the webviews. We’ve also been happy with the level of your responsiveness to our support requests.

eCrisper is an incredibly versatile solution. The ability to customize nearly every aspect of the user experience makes this a far-superior choice over any other product out there. I researched Linux, Windows, and Mac packages before settling on eCrisper. I found eCrisper not only to be the best for Mac, but across all platforms.

Even if you have not considered Mac as a platform, eCrisper may change your mind. The versatility of eCrisper along with the stability of OSX makes for a winning combination!

Your desktop software achieved exactly what I needed. It provided a simple and effective way to enable locked-down web browsing.

As a further note, I would say that your responsiveness and customer service was outstanding and anyone looking for this type of solution should definitely consider using your software.

The eCrisper software has been the perfect kiosk solution for us. The installation is smooth and the ability to custom configure its appearance made it the ideal choice for us. The software is rich in features and provided us the perfect way to have live computers with limited-access web browsing.

But the most valuable feature of all is eCrisper’s customer service. Any question, no matter how big or small, was answered clearly and extremely quickly.

eCrisper works just fine. It is easy to configurate and customize. eCrisper is the perfect solution as a solid information center in our rowing club. Our members are happy with the services that eCrisper provide. I give it my best recommendations.

We are using eCrisper at our College both as a platform for our Visual Display Unit (VDU) in our Administration Corridor and as a “Kiosk” on an iMac in our Careers Department. eCrisper has provided us with a simple and versatile option to drive our VDU. One of the most important features we were looking for was the ability to display the Staff Calendar being hosted on Google. The configuration of this was a simple process, as was the overall setup and configuration. We have investigated many VDU options, but none have offered the features and simplicity of setup as eCrisper, and none at such a reasonable price!

eCrisper kiosk software blows away the competition. Using this program is like a breath of fresh air. It works and it’s bug free. It provides the flexibility I need for setting up a kiosk station. It functions the way it should. I’m so glad I switched to it. wKiosk has been left in the dust! eCrisper is a wonderful kiosk application. Thank you!

I don’t have any complaints with the system. It does exactly what is described on the site. For what we have the iMacs for; your software provides a line of security for us as well as a fully functional product for the end user. Email technical support is very quick to respond when/if any issues come up with the software.

We use eCrisper to run some large non-interactive displays. The layout flexibility provided by eCrisper is really great for this sort of situation. The documentation is very helpful and we were up and running very quickly. We’ve combined a PHP page scraper with some Javascript to cycle through content from our Drupal-based web site. Works perfectly! Keep up the good work.

We have used eCrisper over the past few years on a variety of kiosks in the museum. Most of our kiosks have been built as Web sites or have been linked to our Web sites in other cases. For other kiosks we have used full screen video on large iMac computers. It is surprisingly easy to use and customize eCrisper and the kiosks have been secure and easy to manage.

We have had great success with eCrisper with our “kiosk” computer system that is available for use during the 18 days that the American Band College master’s degree candidates, family and friends are here in Ashland, Oregon. It works flawlessly and provides us with good ways to individualize the page layout.

Thanks for a great product.