Purchase – $79 USD per Mac kiosk

Note that eCrisper will no longer be updated.

  • Sending your request to purchase one or more licenses

    Send an email to info@ecrisper.com with the following information:

    • The email address to which a PayPal invoice will be sent
    • The number of licenses needed
    • The Machine ID for each of the computers that will use a license

    To get the Machine ID:

    1. Run eCrisper on the computer that will use the license.
    2. Press the command key and the comma key (,) at the same time to display eCrisper’s Preferences window. Press the return key when asked for a password.
    3. Click on the Copy button to copy the Machine ID to the clipboard and paste it into the email.

    You should then receive a PayPal invoice. Once the invoice is paid you should receive your license files within a few hours. If you don’t please send a note to info@ecrisper.com (check your Junk or Spam folders first).

  • Apply the license file to your kiosk

    To activate the full version, simply copy the license file received to the home folder under ~/Library/Application Support/eCrisper. Click here to learn how to access this folder.

    Once you have activated the full version, you will no longer see the Evaluation Copy button on the main menu. The only way to return to the desktop will then be through the Preferences window by clicking on the Return to Desktop button on the General pane.

    Note that the default password is password – you will need this password after you successfully copy the license file.