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Activating Your eCrisper License File

A few minutes after you purchase a license, you should receive an email with an attachment named after the Machine ID your provided. This attachment is your license file. To be activated, this license file has to be copied to the following folder: ~/Library/Application Support/eCrisper Where the tilde symbol (~) in OS X refers to your home folder.

Your kiosk configuration

Mac OS X keeps preferences in Property List files or .plist files. For eCrisper, the file is com.eCrisper.plist located in ~/Library/Preferences. The ~ refers to your home folder therefore /Library/Preferences is a path starting from the home folder. To access it, go in Finder, click on Go in the top menu (very top of the […]

Create your own buttons

Your kiosks can include buttons in the web content to quit a session, navigate, change the font size, print, reload, stop loading, and print. eCrisper recognizes the following URLs: ecrisper://quit ecrisper://gohome ecrisper://goback ecrisper://goforward ecrisper://reloadpage ecrisper://stoploading ecrisper://maketextlarger ecrisper://maketextsmaller ecrisper://printpage Buttons can be included in any of the 5 areas on the screen (top, left, center, right, […]

Default zoom level for your kiosks

With large screens used by many kiosks, it can be useful to set a default zoom level. This can be achieved with eCrisper by applying a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that will be applied to every page loaded by the kiosk users.

Digital signage and kiosks combined

Digital signage and kiosks can be merged into one powerful tool for high schools and colleges.  Using a Mac mini with a large touch screen display (with either horizontal or vertical orientation), kiosk software such as eCrisper can be used to display news and information: Daily activities Calendar (for example using Google calendar) Sport schedules […]

eCrisper – under the hood

eCrisper is created specifically for Mac using the Cocoa frameworks, the same way Mac OS X itself is created.  Much of Cocoa is implemented in Objective-C, an object-oriented language that is compiled to run at incredible speed. The actual set of tools used is the Xcode developer tools package. How can eCrisper display web content […]

Adding color to your kiosks

The possibility to include web content in any of the 5 areas on the screen allows you to be as creative as you want with your Internet kiosks. Since the web content is kept behind other objects such as the title for the top area or buttons for the side and bottom areas, web content […]

User accounts, prepaid cards, etc…

Your own central user database eCrisper makes it easy to setup your own central user database using resources you may already have. If your current web hosting service includes MySQL and PHP, like most do, your database could be up and running in no time and at no extra cost. Having a central user database […]

Making your Kiosk Secure

This is a list of what should be done to prevent unwanted access to your Mac kiosk. General settings – Admin password and end of session clean up Once you have activated the full version, the Preferences window will become password protected. The default password is password and should be changed. This can be done […]