Kiosk Default Zoom

Default zoom level for your kiosks

With large screens used by many kiosks, it can be useful to set a default zoom level. This can be achieved with eCrisper by applying a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that will be applied to every page loaded by the kiosk users.

1. Create a file using a text editor and name it defaultzoom.css, or any name you like as long as it has a .css extension.

2. Copy and paste the following code into the file:

body {

zoom: 130%;


Change 130 to whatever number suits you. Anything greater than 100 means zoom in; less than 100 means zoom out. Don’t forget the % percent sign!

3. In eCrisper, go to the Preferences window, under Layout. Each of the 5 webviews has a field called Style sheet. Click on the checkbox and select the location of the .css file you created.

A css file is included in eCrisper and set as default for the central webview. To activate it you simply have to click on the checkbox beside Style sheet.