Kiosk Custom Buttons

Create your own buttons

Your kiosks can include buttons in the web content to quit a session, navigate, change the font size, print, reload, stop loading, and print. eCrisper recognizes the following URLs:

  • ecrisper://quit
  • ecrisper://gohome
  • ecrisper://goback
  • ecrisper://goforward
  • ecrisper://reloadpage
  • ecrisper://stoploading
  • ecrisper://maketextlarger
  • ecrisper://maketextsmaller
  • ecrisper://printpage

Buttons can be included in any of the 5 areas on the screen (top, left, center, right, and bottom) but the action is always applied to the centre area.

You will find an example at

This page works great when displayed in the bottom area. You can of course change the format to suit the side areas as well.

Kiosk Custom Buttons - Example