Digital signage and kiosks combined

Digital signage and kiosks combined

Digital signage and kiosks can be merged into one powerful tool for high schools and colleges.  Using a Mac mini with a large touch screen display (with either horizontal or vertical orientation), kiosk software such as eCrisper can be used to display news and information:

  • Daily activities
  • Calendar (for example using Google calendar)
  • Sport schedules and recent results
  • Campus news
  • General announcements
  • Campus map
  • Weather forecast
  • Birthdays

Since eCrisper can divide the screen into 5 areas, each with its own web display, some of the information can be visible all the time.

For example, you could use the left side to display the day’s activities, the right side for sports results, and the bottom portion for a scrolling banner displaying major news and announcements.

The main web browser (middle area) could be used to display a web page with large navigation buttons pointing to the school website, the campus map, etc… You can also combine buttons (up to 20 on each side) with web content. Or you can simply use eCrisper as one full screen web browser.